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Awesome Modernist House Comes Stocked With an Indoor Slide

Photos via Dezeen

Half circular, half rectangular, and wholly unbelievable, Tokyo's House of Slide is living proof that one can have kids within a modernist, spare, museum-like space. How? Why, by distracting the young'uns with a playground slide, of course! Designed by Japan-based Level Architects and completed in 2009, the three-story house has stairs (in the rectangular half) and a slide (in the circular half). Perhaps you'd care to climb three stories up and slide three stories down. Or, climb three stories up, slide one story down, walk through to the other side, and walk the rest of the way to the bottom. Alternatively, climb two stories up, pass through to the other side, and slide two stories down. Ah, the endless possibilities! It's also worth mentioning that there's a sweet, sweet, Chuck E. Cheese-style bouncy-ball pit in the living room, another diversion for the kids. One thing's for sure: if they decide to move to NYC when they grow up, we have just the pair of combined penthouses for 'em.

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