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This Former Naval Installation is Now Ultimate Waterfront Home

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Built on the site of a decommissioned Navy degaussing station, used to test the effectiveness of minesweepers, this mansion sits up on pilings in the middle of the harbor in historic Charleston, S.C. Local businessman and soccer team owner Tony Bakker and his wife Linda purchased the site from the government in 2006 for $5.25M, then poured millions into replacing the existing structure with a 5,900-square-foot home. Now they're apparently ready to move on, provided someone ponies up the $17.5M asking price. The five-bedroom waterfront home boasts the only deep-water dock in the city's historic district, perfect for accommodating the owners large yacht, but sadly for storage-mad Southerners, lacks a basement. Something tells us it won't be missed.
· 2 Concord Street [McAlister via AD]