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Man Builds Fireplaces, Porch, From World Trade Center Stone

This letter, which recently popped up on Reddit, is from a New Jersey man, a 90-year-old World War II veteran, to the person currently residing in the house he built (and lived in) in 1966. "The reason I'm writing is to inform you about something in your house," he begins. "As you know the tenth anniversary of 911 is coming shortly and I was sitting here thinking about how terrible that day was." He goes on to explain how he was able to complete the house, save for certain stone elements he really wanted. One day, he saw a truck coming out of the Holland Tunnel with load of Pennsylvania mica, exactly what he was looking for. Upon following the driver to a landfill in North Bergen, he was told that the stone came from the World Trade Center excavation and he was welcome to take what he wished. After carting several loads with his wife, he was able to build two fireplaces, the front porch, and the bar. "However, I think the fireplaces in your house is [sic] one of a kind," he writes. "This could also be a good conversation piece for you to tell your friends." Finally, he says, "You can be sure that everything about this story is true." His timeline indeed lines up: groundbreaking for the World Trade Center began in August 1966.

· My house is partly made of excavated World Trade Center rocks [Reddit]