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Barragán-Inspired Manse Smack in the Middle of the Mountains

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Built in 1994 by Aspen Design Group, this contemporary listing boasts 8,100 square feet on 5.75 acres of prime Aspen mountainside. The architects aimed to mimic the style of famed Mexican modernist architects Luis Barragán and Ricardo Legorreta, and quite successfully, it seems, calling upon pronounced geometric forms, light and shadow, bold color, and raw materials such as stone. While some of the furnishings here look all too leathery and overstuffed, huge expanses of glass—many of them floor-to-ceiling—as well as panoramic views of snow-capped mountains, manage to compensate. The five-bedroom manse has been on the market for almost five months and is asking $13.75M.

· Whitehorse Springs Lane, Aspen, CO [Trulia]
· Aspen Design Group [official site]