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First Look Inside Veranda's First-Ever Concept House

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Photos by Max Kim-Bee/Veranda

It seems the term "showhouse" has been replaced with the term "concept house" in recent years, but whatevertheheckya call it, there's no doubt that all the cool kids are doing them. There was Kips Bay, then there was Elle Decor, and now there's the first-ever from Veranda, which will be featured in a 24-page spread in the magazine's forthcoming October issue. The setting: an 8,000-square-foot Georgian-style estate in Los Angeles, which was built by project head and L.A.-based designer Windsor Smith, who aimed to find "a graceful middle ground between formal and casual." The designers: Smith and nine others, including Peter Dunham, Richard Shapiro, and Martyn Lawrence Bullard. Some things happening soon: offerings from this so-called "House of Windsor" up for sale on flash-sales site One Kings Lane (Sept. 21 to 24); a 360-degree tour of the space on Veranda's website; and, for the New Yorkers, Hearst's totally unrelated Designer Visions showhouse, which Veranda is participating in. In the mean time, browse some photos from the L.A. concept house above. Then go mope over the fact that your boring old walls are not, in fact, covered head to toe in squiggle fabric.

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