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Lo! Dollhouse Obsessive Raises the Bar on Miniature Decorating

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All photos: Mini Modern

Sometimes the stars align and all is right with the endless ethers of the Internet. Such was the case when our browsers befell Mini Modern, a truly terrific blog run by a California dollhouse enthusiast who goes, simply, by "Modern MC": "Modern Mini Collector." Using a mix of eBay finds, Lilliputian furnishings designed specifically for dollhouses (teeny midcentury chairs are the best!), and things repurposed in a way most folks can't even imagine—like the dog-shaped notecard holder that inspired the decor for an entire kids' room—Modern MC has been transforming a bunch of different dollhouses for years now. "I continuously keep tearing down scenes and redecorating the structures," she tells us. We couldn't choose just one; above please find shots of Modern MC's take on Villa Sibi, a modernist house by Swiss design firm Wolfgang Sirch, and Emerson House, a creation by dollhouse juggernaut Brinca Dada. Feast.

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