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Watch Dallas Donna Turn an Empty Room Into a Leopard Paradise

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In this week's episode of Donna Decorates Dallas, Queen of Bling Donna Moss transforms an empty great room for pro golfer Chad Campbell and his musician wife, Amy. Upon seeing the guns-blazing overhaul—an enormous cast-stone mantel, crystal-encrusted peacock feathers accent thingamajigs, full-wall tapestries, hand-carved furniture, and custom wall art to the space—the Campbells responded with utter delight. "Well, there's just so many things in here that you don't see anywhere," Amy said. "I mean, if I were to go over to people's homes, I wouldn't see some of these things." Watch the before and after videos after the jump, and pay special attention to Moss' ubiquitous use of leopard print: "My wife likes a lot of leopard, that being her maiden name I can understand," Chad explains. "So we have it quite a bit throughout the house. I think it fits in perfectly."



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