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Sunny Caribbean Escapes From the Brand-New Jetsetter Homes

The travel site Jetsetter, itself a spinoff of popular online members only shopping site Gilt, has just launched a vacation home rental section, with selections from the Caribbean, Europe, Mexico, Costa Rica, Colorado, and Hawaii. If this sounds just like AirBnb, well, it sort of is, but hopefully without the identity thieves and meth addicts. As an added bonus, the site's offerings have been curated by Jetsetter's style-minded editors, which sounds a bit better than the anything-goes, user-determined approach over at AirBnb—provided Jetsetter users don't mind the hefty premium these editorial choices cost. To survey the new options, we've pulled five of our favorites from the Caribbean section. Leading the way is Baraka Point, a copper-roofed cluster of seaside structures on Virgin Gorda in the British Virgin Islands that rents for $4,860 per night in high season. With two acres, five bedrooms, and 12,000 square feet, this villa would make for a dazzling family retreat, especially with the included 28-foot powerboat.

? Also set on Virgin Gorda, the villa called Sol y Sombra sits just steps from a glorious boulder-strewn beach, with four bedrooms, 3,000 square feet and a $2715 per night rental rate in high season. Despite the Spanish name, the house has a decidedly Asian influence, which means the furnishings and interior design are refreshingly simple.

? Bajacu, this burnt-orange villa in the Turks & Caicos, has been featured in Architectural Digest, but offers more than just good looks to renters willing to fork over $4700 per night in high season. For the environmentally conscious, the house has some prominent solar panels, swimmers and boaters will love the private dock, and the well-equipped chef's kitchen means no one should go hungry.

? A classic Jamaican getaway in the spirit of Ian Fleming, Sweet Spot overlooks the white sand beaches of Runaway Bay. The best part of this six-bedroom, six-bath place might be the five-person staff that is ready to tend to renters' every need. That beach and a butler combination runs $2,345 per night in high season.

? On an island known for its staffed villas—and celebrity clientele—the one known as Yemanja is a particularly desirable example. Gone is most of the overstuffed, overblown Anglo influence that plagues some Mustique houses, replaced by something like a luxurious tiki hut, a 19,000-square-foot tiki hut. Renting for $6,430 per night in high season, use of the house includes a sizable staff, including a chef to lighten the burden.

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