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Schmucky Philanderer Needs Help Paying For Romp Room Rental

Nothing like a good Craigslist Chorale to end this week with a bang! This posting, which first caught the eye of The Frisky, is from a married man who needs assistance funding his sexy rental room in the Bronx. Apparently he's looking for another guy with a similar lifestyle to pay $75 a week to help soften the blow of rent on his one bedroom loveshack. Paying for real estate can get expensive when you've got so many lady friends! Make no mistake, though: "THIS ROOM IS NOT FOR LIVING AS I NEED TO USE THE ROOM AS WELL ON OCCASION." Sure, point taken, but—just for the sake of stealth here—perhaps next time don't list your phone number.

· $75/1Br - Share Room Bachalar Pad [Craigslist Bronx via The Frisky]