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A Purposely Simple Chart of Influential Architects and Designers

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Those Mensa members over at Co.Design have created a lively, colorful, and deliberately simplified infographic that charts the most influential figures in American design, covering the fields of graphic design, fashion design, architecture, interiors, and more, all charted along the thinker-maker continuum. Above: we've clipped a particularly relevant chunk that includes Roman & Williams duo Stephen Alesch and Robin Standefer, MoMA design curator Paola Antonelli, industrial/product designer Yves Béhar, architect Jeanne Gang (who designed Chicago's Aqua skyscraper, the tallest building designed by a woman in the world), and, of course, Frank Gehry. Click above to expand, then head over to Co.Design for the whole shebang.

· Infographic of the Day: America's 50 Most Influential Designers [Co.Design]