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Watch Madison Hildebrand on The Millionaire Matchmaker

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On last night's gloriously cross-promotional episode of The Millionaire Matchmaker, Million Dollar Listing star Madison Hildebrand comes to matchmaker extraordinaire Patti Stanger in hopes of finding love. Hildebrand is "the number one real estate agent in the entire area" who "hooks up all the rich and famous," so he's too busy to devote much time to long-term romance. After agreeing to let Stanger host a mixer where he'll meet a bunch of eligible suitors—an awkward affair wherein he discusses the virtues of teeth-whitening, among other things—he ends up going on a full date with Charlie, an estate manager. They go stand-up paddle boarding in Catalina, Calif., but not without the obvious "rub-down" joke in regards to sunscreen. While they're out on the wide open sea, Hildebrand waxes nostalgic: "My yoga teacher once told me that we're human beings, not human doings, it's like been a mantra of mine." At dinner afterwards, they share their thoughts on relationships in general, and it actually appears to be one of Stanger's more successful matches. We've clipped all the videos after the jump.

Video: Madison has coffee with Patti:

Video: Madison introduces himself and explains why he's a millionaire:

Video: Madison goes on some very bad "mini dates":

Video: Madison goes stand-up paddle-boarding with Charlie, an estate manager:

Video: Madison has dinner with Charlie:

This how it it ends:

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