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Hammacher Schlemmer Now Offers a Two-Story Reindeer

Ides of September, be damned: Hammacher Schlemmer wants you to know that rightthissecondrightnowit'shappeningomg the holiday season is upon us. How can one be sure, you ask? Because somewhere out there, a Two-Story Reindeer nearly swallowed the modest suburban house that was photographed for the manufacturer's catalog—surely a good indicator that yuletide is arriving in three-plus months. On-trend with the massive lawn ornaments of years past, the inflatable caribou boasts hooves "the size of an armchair," "a head [that] sways side-to-side to greet revelers scampering underfoot," and "five clear interior lights that cast a festive, holiday glow." Price of all this merriment? $349.95. If this seems just a wee bit too costly, you might also consider the badboy 12' Sprawling Snowman.

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