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See Dick and Jane's Spot, a Wonderland of Wacky Lawn Art

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Nearly three decades ago, an artist couple now known, simply, as Dick and Jane, decided to turn their Ellensburg, Wash., house—located some 120 miles southeast of Seattle—into a temple of weird and wacky public art. Now, more than 40 artists have left their mark on Dick and Jane's Spot, a space with more than 10,000 bottle caps, countless found objects (and scraps of found objects), curios as far as the eye and see, and the requisite quotes about life, happiness, laughter, and so on. Recently Seattle-based real estate consultant Marlow Harris, who runs a blog called Unusual Life, visited Jane at home—Dick passed away a few years ago—and filmed a video tour of her little Americana folk-art garden. After the jump, watch.

The Video:

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