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Top-Producing Agent in the U.S. Sold 1,268 Homes Last Year

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Real Trends, in collaboration with The Wall Street Journal, has recently released 2010's The Thousand, a list of the top-producing real estate agents in the country broken down into four groups of 250 (sales professionals by transactions sides, sales professionals by sales volume, real estate teams by transaction sides, and real estate teams by sales volume). We're most interested in the first category, of course—in plain-speak, how many homes the top real estate agents sold, regardless of whether they represented the buyer or the seller. Hats off to Mike Phillips, of Century 21 All-Pro in Kansas City, Mo., for earning the top spot with 1,268 home sales. Time caught up with third runner-up Jared Jones, a 32-year-old Vegas-based agent who sold 931 homes last year. Distressed properties in the area accounted for most of his business, he explained. "There are a lot of sales of bank-owned properties. And there’s a large pre-foreclosure market—people who need to sell their homes to avoid foreclosure.”

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