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Buy a Pro Football Player's Home For Less Than $700K

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Just as Atlanta Falcons tight end Tony Gonzalez was making the catch of a career last night—leading his team to a 35-31 win over the Eagles—the Twitter universe learned that his Kansas City, Mo., condo is on the market. The news came from CNBC sports business reporter Darren Rovell, who Tweeted: "Want to live in an athlete's former home? Here's your chance. Tony Gonzalez' place for less than $700K." Gonzalez's NFL career began in Kansas City in 1997, where he played until 2009, a 12-year tenure that somewhat explains his description in the brokerbabble: "one of Kansas City's most famous stars." His three-bedroom unit is less than glamorous, and the building, which was built in 1929, doesn't even have the "celebrity lifestyle" necessity: a pool. There is a valet service, though, not bad considering the $659,900 ask.

· Star Athlete's Prestigious Kansas City Condo [Antigent Realty via @darrenrovell]