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The Height of Rustic Maine Charm on Rocky Vinalhaven

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Location: Vinalhaven, Maine
Price: $695,000
The Skinny: Yes, there's no doubt this is located in a seriously remote location—the nearly five-hour trip from Boston includes a long ferry ride—but one would be hard pressed to find a more charming seaside retreat than this weathered farmhouse. Built in the 1880s, the shingled manse occupies a boulder-strewn six acres, with 1,500 feet of waterfront and broad views over Hurricane Sound and the Basin. The interiors are the very epitome of rustic Maine living, including a wood stove, painted wood floors, a basic kitchen, and a thinly insulated attic sleeping space. A boathouse and study at the water's edge complete this old timey property, which has three bedrooms but just one solitary bath.
· 9 Baron Road [Trulia]