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Architectural Record Accuses Arch Daily of Plagiarism

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Mediabistro blog UnBeige has observed some trouble stirring in architecture-blogs paradise; namely, Architectural Record news editor Jenna McNight was none too pleased when she found great portions of her work republished on competitor site Arch Daily. Yesterday, McNight aired her grievances in a lengthy blog post in which she explained what had happened:
"The author of the post, Irina Vinnitskaya, made a few minor modifications to the story, and then slapped her byline on it. She used my photos, as well; fortunately, she gave me credit for those. But Irina never received permission to repost the story or the images." She ends with: "When it comes to protecting creative content, journalists and architects often face the same challenges. It’s disappointing when someone else takes credit for your work."

Ultimately, Arch Daily apologized and de-posted the copycat story. Reader comments on McNight's invocation range from outraged to totally non-plussed: "crazy internet," writes one person.

· When Blogs Plagiarize [Arch Record via UnBeige]