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Alex Rodriguez Awaits Completion of "A-Rodiculous" Manse

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Sad-thumbed Alex Rodriguez is waiting for construction to finish on his new waterfront manse on Miami's North Bay. The Yankees third-baseman paid $7.4M for the land last June and has since ballooned the cost of the property to $24M, building a swank dreamhouse that's rumored to have a poker room. A-Rod and main squeeze Cameron Diaz visited the site many times this summer and were expected to move in together, but their recent breakup suggests that Rodriguez will have to make the most of all 18,000 square feet solo. Thank the New York Post for turning this into a pissing contest by pitting A-Rod's digs against Derek Jeter's massive complex in St. Petersburg, Fla. Turns out it's "St. Jetersburg" for the win: that behemoth weighs in at 30,875 square feet.

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