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Guy Builds World's First Lego Greenhouse Using 100K Pieces

Oh, Lego: wherever will you go from here? You've conquered classic American architecture and climbed the world's tallest building and now you're playing a part in global agriculture. The world's first-ever greenhouse made entirely of Legos has debuted at the London Design Festival, where industrial designer Sebastian Bergne has used 100,000 pieces—50,000 clear ones for the roof and walls and 50,000 brown ones for the "soil"—to form the translucent structure. Impressive, right? It gets even better: Bergne told Co.Design, which first covered the story, that he threw the project together "in just one night, from 10 p.m. to 5 a.m." Jeez, now you're just making us feel bad. Over here for more mindblowing photos.

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