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Welsh "Versailles" PriceChopped to Bargain-Basement Ask

Kinmel Hall, the 18-acre estate surrounded by 5,000 acres of Parkland in North Wales, has long had dreams of becoming a fancy world-class hotel. Unforch, luck hasn't been on the side of the so-called "Welsh Versailles," and the massive manse has just been PriceChopped to $2.3M—one-tenth of its original ask when it hit the market in 2006. Built in the 1870s, the chateau-style house has served as a private residence, spa, military hospital, school, and conference room during its lifespan, and—because current owner Derbyshire Investments is sick of putzing around—it will hit the auction block on Oct. 12. "There are an awful lot of wealthy people with cash in their pockets and £1.5m [$2.3M] is not a lot of money to many people. This house is frankly the price of a semi-detached house in London," an auction house rep told The Daily Mail. Sure, but what about the cost of maintaining Kinmel Hall's 122 rooms (52 bedrooms)—never mind the manpower needed to supervise 60 live-in servants?

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