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On the Market: Britain's Awesome Bubblegum-Pink Windmill

Four walls, be damned! A windmill that has been totally gutted by an English couple is on the market for just upwards of $1M. Neville Faultless—his real name, no joke—bought the 1806 windmill in 1976 hoping to turn it into his life's project—"I bought it because I just loved it and it had so much potential, it was just a passion," he told the local news. Soon after, he met his wife, Linda, and the two gutted, renovated, and decorated the pink palace, coaxing it into a three-bedroom home with beamed ceilings, a staircase repurposed from a factory, souped-up bar, stuffed moose heads, something described as "Amazonian blow darts," and a whole helluva lot of other stuff. As to why they're selling their hard-earned museum of curios: "It has got to the point where we have done all we can to it," Faultless said.

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