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Tiny French Village Packed With Gehry, Nouvel, Piano, More!

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As if the minuscule Provençal wine town of Le Puy-Sainte-Réparade, in southern France, doesn't sound awesome and picturesque enough: it's become a hotbed of world-class design with some serious starchitecture power. (You'll have to forgive us, Mr. Gehry—we know you hate the "S" word.) Anyway, today T Magazine's The Moment blog takes a look at all that's artistic about the 600-acre Château La Coste vineyerd, including an aluminum winery designed by Jean Nouvel, a music pavilion designed by Gehry, a chapel by Tadao Ando, an Alexander Calder sculpture, and many more. Oh, and Renzo Piano, Oscar Niemeyer, Norman Foster, and Gehry all have additional planned works there. No big deal. Did we mention this place makes wine, too? Where do we sign up?

Photo by Adrian Gaut/The Moment

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