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Archi-Editor Gives New Trump Clubhouse the Ultimate Diss

John Glenday, editor of Scottish architecture magazine Urban Realm, has slammed the new billion-dollar Trump International Golf Links, telling the Daily Record that it's "as artificial as Trump's toupee." "Trump's design team have scored a bogey before the first shot has even been driven down the Menie fairways," Glenday said, making a funny golf joke. "The misguided attempt [...] makes a mockery of this area of outstanding natural beauty." Mediabistro blog UnBeige has rounded up other jabs on the monstrosity: one University of Glasgow architecture prof called it a "hideous leftover from the Victorian era." Yikes! Meanwhile, regular people hate it too, but none more than the guy who lives next door. For some reason, Trump charged billed that guy $4,600 after putting a fence around his yard.

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