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A Zen-Like Contemporary Smack in the Middle of an Orchard

Photos via Arch Daily

Located in a fruit orchard in the Czech town of Milevsko, Orchard House was renovated into a modern family vacation home by Prague-based architecture firm Nacházel Architekti, who kept the stone structure and gutted the interior, adding a concrete and wood flooring, stucco partition walls, and sleek midcentury furnishings. We suspect many a reader will find the space too spare, but there's nothing like sleek, minimalist interiors to offer a sense of calm on an otherwise dreary Friday afternoon. Also, the place was clearly photographed before being—the dirty "F" word—furnished, because there's nary a bed or sofa to be seen. Still, have a look above.

· Orchard House / Nacházel Architekti [Arch Daily via Choices Blog]
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