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A Look at Christian Lacroix's New Furniture Line for Sicis

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This month's Elle Decor takes a look at the theatrical new furniture collection that Christian Lacroix just released with Italian firm Sicis, including chairs, tables, and poufs finished with the fashion designer's signature flamboyant touches: colorful fabrics, studs, lace, embroidery, and fringe. So where did Lacroix, who finished his 22-year run at his clothing label in 2009, draw inspiration? Why, Empress Theodora, the wife of the sixth-century Byzantine emperor Justinian, of course! She was "the daughter of a bear trainer [who] was renowned for her beauty and wit (as well as her expertise as a courtesan) and reportedly suppressed revolts, exposed political corruption, and expanded women's rights in her day." Whew! We can only pray that fellow fashion designer and fellow endorser of rococo Roberto Cavalli puts half as much thought into his new furniture line.

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