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The Glorious Sets of HBO: Real Houses That Rose to TV Fame

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Home Box Office has arguably produced some of the greatest television of our time, and while it seems déclassé to discuss The Wire's crumbling Baltimore slums in light of real estate, there's no denying that some of the network's other shows produced some seriously drool-worthy digs. Take this 20,000-square-foot property, located high above the Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu. "Considered by many to be one of the great estates in the world," according to the listing, Villa Contenta starred as the home of Queen Sophie-Anne in HBO's hit vampire series True Blood. Show obsessives have all the specifics worked out: the estate made its debut in the 10th episode of Season 2 and became more fully revealed in episode 11. The 13-bedroom, 14-bathroom estate is asking a gory $75M.

? Whether or not you deem Sex and the City one of HBO's brightest moments, the rowhouse that Sarah Jessica Parker's Carrie stilettoed in and out of was positioned as a prime piece of rent-controlled real estate in Manhattan's tony Upper East Side. However, the property in question is actually located many blocks downtown, on Perry Street in the heart of the West Village. Which house was supposed to be Carrie's is something of a nebulous discussion: a recent Times article points out that #64 was the original inspiration for the show's producers, who were attracted to its clean facade, artsy residents (including Project Runway's Tim Gunn), and pretty, tree-lined block. That townhouse, which was filmed as Chez Carrie during the first three seasons of the show, was built in 1866 by architect Robert Mook and just hit the market for $8.5M. Eventually, the Bradshaw residence on the show "moved" one door to the right to #66.

? While the North Caldwell, N.J., residence that served as the exterior of Tony Soprano's house on The Sopranos is not actually on the market, here are some details from the Zillow property description: it's sited on 1.5 acres of land, it last sold in 1987, and it's worth an estimated $1.2M. Judging by some seriously obsessive-sounding fans, there's no end to the sheer volume of photo-snapping voyeurs outside the long drive where Tony so famously picked up his morning paper.

? Entourage, whose eight-season run just came to an end, redefined the modern man cave. The massive Encino, Calif., estate where Adrian Grenier's Vince and his compadres had all sorts of fun has just sold for $4.2M, a hefty price tag no doubt owed to 9,010 square feet of living space, seven bedrooms, eight baths, seven fireplaces, exposed beams, Venetian plaster, walnut flooring, and all sorts of fancy-schmancy Tuscan-referential surfaces and finishes. The property first hit the market in October with an initial ask of $5.75M.

Contending with The Sopranos for the all-time best ending of any TV show, ever, is the dear-departed Six Feet Under, HBO's darkly funny show about a funeral home and the dysfunctional family that ran it. 2302 West 25th Street in Los Angeles was used as the exterior of The Fisher & Sons Funeral Home and Fischer residence. Now, the 1904 house, which boasts clear Queen Anne references, lives on as a Los Angeles Cultural Heritage Commission's historic cultural landmark. It's currently owned by the Filipino Federation of America.

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