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Watch a Fake Video About Sleazy, Sexist Real Estate Agents

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See that guy shown at right? He's a real estate agent who's about to walk in on a homeowner having an affair with someone who's not her husband. And it's but one of many stellar scenes in a new marketing promo just released by high-end London brokerage Douglas & Gordon in collaboration with a professional video company. In it, actual Douglas & Gordon agents and staff members act deliberately sexist and sleazy; the main character calls his boss an "uptight bitch" and complains that his female coworkers have synched menstrual cycles (after talking about how hot they are). Others roll their eyes at clients and talk about how they're in it for the money. Cringe. According to the Daily Mail, some people are starting to think the video is a real documentary not the piece of attention-grabbing artistry it was intended to be. "No one expected it to have the reaction it has," said a Douglas & Gordon honcho. "It has all got completely out of hand." Lesson learned, guys?

The video:

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