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Here's a Chart of the World's Cities by Price Per Square Foot

Over at credit/debit-analysis firm Credit Sesame, they've compiled a list of cool cities and outlined, clearly and simply, how much it costs to live there in American dollars. The group is bookended by Paris at the highest end ($3,287 per square foot omgareyoukidding) and Santiago, Chile at the lowest end ($180 per square foot); in the U.S. alone, NYC ranks most expensive ($1,068 per square foot) and Houston brings up the rear ($54 per square foot). The Wall Street Journal further breaks it down: "After all," writes real estate editor Matthew Strozier, "a homeowner in Dubai could sell and have basically enough to buy homes in Houston, Atlanta and Phoenix." In other words, buying domestically is cheap, right? Tell that to the guy who eventually scoops up the penthouse at new NYC luxury building Setai Fifth Avenue: that sliver of the good life is asking $4,067 per square foot.

· America's Top Cities? Cheapest Real Estate in the World? [Credit Sesame via WSJ]
· Midtown Setai's Newest Penthouse Wants $4,067/Square Foot [Curbed NY]