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Inside Rupert Murdoch's Just-Sold "Rosehearty" Mansion

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Yesterday brought whispers that Rupert Murdoch has finally sold Rosehearty, his 4.6-acre estate in tony Oyster Bay, Long Island, for well under its initial $14.8M ask. Just because it's not every week that a media mogul sells of a prime piece of property, today we'd like to take a closer look at those digs, which Angelina Jolie rented out for $100K a month during the filming of 2010's Salt. Inside: 11 bedrooms and 7.5 bathrooms, plus a 50-foot pool, enormous garage, and a 950-square-foot guest house on the grounds. Architectural Digest golden boy Michael Smith, he of White House-decorating and Oscar Greenroom-decorating fame, did the interiors of the turn-of-the-century Colonial, which reportedly sold for $9.1M. Luckly, ol' Rupe has plenty of other hideouts in which to drown his market-worn sorrows.

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