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For $117M in London, Some Mindblowing Computer Generation

Though the photos might make this London estate look like a time-tested English classic, the house actually hasn't been completed yet and those stylish interiors are, in fact, computer generated. That small truth hasn't kept the developers for asking an astonishing $117M for the property, which sits between Kensington Palace and Holland Park in central London. The walled one acre estate includes plans—and planning permission—for a 15-bedroom compound covering 30,000 square feet with extravagances like a tunnel connecting the guest house and main house and a huge indoor pool. The only trouble is the place isn't built yet. Not only that, but it hasn't been started. According to the listing, "Work has not yet begun on the property and the new owner would be able to design the interior exactly to his or her standards and taste." So, not to be a thorn in the side here, but does that $117M include the house or not?
1 Campden Hill (PDF)