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Woman's Confederate Flag Continues to Rile Up Neighbors

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Today in the great American pastime of NIMBYism, a South Carolina woman named Annie Chambers Caddell is still totally pissing off her neighbors by refusing to remove the confederate flag she's been proudly exhibiting next to her home in a historically black neighborhood in Summerville. According to the Associated Press, at first community members protested before the town council, which upheld Chambers Caddell's right to keep the flags up. Undeterred, neighbors then erected an eight-foot-tall fence to block the view. In return, Chambers Caddell raised the flag so it would fly higher than the fence. Accordingly, her next-door neighbor (who so happens to be black) raised an American flag as a sort of, ah, rebuttal. (Note to both: wouldn't it just be easier to build a giant middle-finger sculpture and be done with it?) Anyway, "I'm here to stay," Chambers Caddell told the AP. "I didn't back down, and because I didn't cower the neighbors say I'm the lady who loves her flag and loves her heritage." Then, smugly: "People driving by here because of the privacy fences, they tend to slow down. If the objective was to block my house from view, they didn't succeed very well." Amen to that, sister!

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