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Texas Listing Locked and Loaded With Swingin' Bar Scene

At present, a Chicago couple that's asking $450K for their home is hoping a $1,000 bar tag at the joint across the street will sweeten the deal. Sounds nice, but if that's just a wee bit too expensive, there's always this three-bedroom Waller, Texas, listing, which is asking only $195K and comes with a bar of its very own. Some sober stats: the house has 2,400 square feet of living space, as well as a garage/workshop, RV storage, covered tractor parking, a greenhouse, two screened porches, and an outdoor cooking area, all on five acres. Just the sort of outdoors-y-ness that justifies a nice, cold beer afterwards. Careful, though: some marriages, as we've seen before, just aren't made to withstand in-home taverns.

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