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Personal Stadiums: The Home Gyms of the Rich and Sporty

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For the athletic millionaire, is there any better extravagance than a private court, field, rink, pool, or gym to practice their chosen obsession? We think not, at least not after taking a look at these five pricey homes fit for active sporting types. Mark Wahlberg, a perennially-ripped star, is the unsurprising king of such amenities. His Beverly Hills home, currently on the market for $14M, features an adaptable sports court and a 2,500-square-foot gym with every conceivable piece of workout equipment. The professional-quality boxing ring helped Wahlberg prepare for his star turn in The Fighter. But the actor formerly known as Marky Mark knows how to kick back too, as evidenced by the grotto-like pool, putting green, and screening room.

? Wahlberg might have that puny little multi-sport court shoehorned in between the house and gym, but the owner of this Fresno, Texas mansion knows what a proper basketball court looks like: they've got one tucked away in the backyard. This indoor number, complete with American flag perfect for the pre-game anthem, is fully heated and lit and even features cushioned walls to prevent injury. The 15,000-square-foot house is listed for $2.6M.

? We first covered this next property back in March, which might be a more fitting season for its most unique amenity: an indoor hockey rink. Now, the rink is only suitable for street hockey, because it's lacking the necessary equipment to make and maintain ice, but at least the buyer won't have to add the price of a Zamboni to the $4.95M asking price. Plus, in the wintertime, the frozen waters of Lake Minnetonka are just a few chilly steps away. For those more accustomed to chip shots than slap shots, there's also a computerized driving range and an outdoor putting green on the property.

? Tennis stars usually don't take up residence in New England, the cold winter weather makes for unusually tough training. This Lincoln, Mass. residence may change all that, considering it has a heated barn with tennis court connected to the main house. The buyer of this $4.45M property had better be performing well on the tournament circuit though, because the heating bill alone for that cavernous space might be enough to make the casual player give up the game.

? Is bowling a sport? That's not really for us to judge, but, if you're really focused on scoring that 300, this solitary indoor lane might be the key to success. Located on the ground floor of a 4,000-square-foot triplex loft in the NYC neighborhood of Tribeca, the private lane and accompanying apartment rent for $14K per month. Sadly, it was leased back in August, but at least that gives excited bowlers a chance to mull over the sky-high rent.

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