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Five Listings Ripped from the Pages of Architectural Digest

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Shelter mag Architectural Digest, the self-proclaimed "International Design Authority," is frequently cited in even vaguely attractive listings. Most of the time, it's stuck in the brokerbabble to associate the property with the popular design mag—"Architectural Digest worthy"—even though not all high-income types read the magazine. For some real design cred, buyers should seek out a property that has actually been featured in Arch Digest, so we've rounded up five examples of the real deal. Take this this historic Palm Beach, Fla. listing that has a dual Arch Digest connection. According to the vague brokerbabble, the unnamed designer behind the interiors holds court on the AD100 and the place was featured in the September 2009 issue of the magazine. What they don't make mention of: said mysterious designer is none other than big-name, of-the-moment interiors guy Campion Platt. More importantly, ahem: Platt's also the homeowner. Centrally located between Worth Avenue and The Breakers, this 4,100-square-foot spread is listed for $3.3M. That's Palm Beach pricing if we've ever heard it.

? Second up is this loft in Sand City, Calif., the personal residence of architect Jerrold Lomax. Located not far from Monterrey, the two-bedroom home measures 2,500 square feet, has a sleek modern style that wouldn't be out of place in Dwell, and is asking $895K. It was featured in Arch Digest in September 2005.

? Connecticut architect Mark P. Finlay came down South to design this Okatie, S.C. spread in 1998, but managed to imitate the classic antebellum plantation quite well. Sitting high on a bluff overlooking Chechessee Creek, the $3M estate sits on a surprisingly small lot—0.68 acres—but has almost 5,000-square-feet of enviable interiors. In June 2000, Arch Digest featured the Victoria Hagan-designed interiors.

? From the windy wilds of Chicago, the magazine featured this renovated 1931 Art Moderne masterpiece in the September 2008 issue. While the design might feature a few too many glass bricks to appeal to some modern sensibilities, they haven't kept the owners from asking $1.3M. The buyer had better like everything about the facade: this place was landmarked by the city in 1991.

? Arch Digest is based out of NYC and there are plenty of stylish residences in the city, so it's no surprise that the Big Apple sees a lot of attention in the shelter mag. This dramatic penthouse, tacked on to the top of an Upper East Side pre-war co-op, might suffer from high heating and cooling costs thanks to the wall of windows, but those who can afford to favor style over substance should find much to like about this $4.7M two-bedroom pad. It's been featured in the magazine, according to the listing, but we can't seem to find a pub. date.

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