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Couple Turns $145K Plot of Land Into $3.9M Dream Home

At first glance, it's not hard to imagine that this glassy modern in quiet Germantown, N.Y., might belong to the town's most famous homeowner, a one Mister Oliver Stone. After all, who in a town where the median income hovers around $42K could afford such a property, never mind one with that screening room? Alas, no traces of Stone's over-the-top decorator Jeffrey Bradford are found here, and a 2007 Times article points us to the real homeowners: an artsy couple that paid $145K for a wooded plot in 1997 and hired architect Barry Price to design a house that was Japanese-inspired by not a "theme park," complete with sliding-glass walls that open almost completely to the outside. The three-bedroom, 8,000-square-foot house, which was valued at $700K in 2006, is now listed for $3.9M; still, the owners maintain, "A hundred and sixty feet of view, that’s what we invested in."

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