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Watch a Guy Turn a Dumpster Into an All-Out Luxury Home

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Berkeley, Calif., resident Gregory Kloehn is doing good by his left-coast neighbors and waxing nostalgic about what defines a "home": "Is it toilets and a kitchen and a roof, or is it location, or is it a house that expresses yourself? I dunno, I think for everyone it's a little bit different," Kloehn explains in a video made by local filmmaker Kim Aronson. "For me, I'm just trying to deconstruct what a home can be—how can you turn different objects into a home—and see if I can put everything in that a home has inside of a Dumpster, and if I can make it nice enough that perhaps someone would like to live in it." His creation, sprouting to life in his garage, features storage, a gas tank, the capacity to hold 6 gallons of water, an electrical system, a toilet, granite countertops, hardwood floors, and stainless steel appliances. "I think I've made a nice little home out of a garbage can," Kloehn says. Watch the video after the jump.

The video:

· Luxury Living...with a twist! [YouTube via Curbed SF via Curbed DC]