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The Crumbling Upstate N.Y. Studio of Sculptor Tomas Penning

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A favorite of Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt, the late sculptor Tomas Penning had his studio on these 64 acres in Saugerties, N.Y., near Woodstock. A fan of local bluestone, Penning constructed this home/studio in 1950 out of the material. Today, the acreage remains the same, but the studio has fallen into a despicable state of disrepair. Considering Penning had a hand in it, perhaps a collector of his sculpture will swoop in to save the structure. If not, the attractive land and private lake would lend itself well to a new estate, which seems more likely considering the $2M asking price. There aren't many people who want to drop that much on a worn out one-bedroom cottage.
· 1372 Glasco Turnpike []