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Watch a Promo For Hearst's Forthcoming HGTV Magazine

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A quick, blink-and-you'll-miss-it subscription promo for the forthcoming HGTV Magazine flickered across the screen late in the game during this week's Design Star. In it, a voiceover says, "everything HGTV's now in a magazine," and HGTV hosts David Bromstad, Sabrina Soto, and Genevieve Gorder talk about how much they like it. Hearst plans to release two test runs—one in October and one in January—of 300,000 copies each, but the magazine is now available for pre-order (10 issues for $15). Watch the 15-second spot after the jump, and pay special attention to the brief glimpses of front-of-book layouts and product pages.
The Video:

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