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Suburban Chicago's Le Grand Rêve Set for Pre-Halloween Auction

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Eagle-eyed readers might recognize Winnetka, Ill. as home to the Home Alone house, but this overwhelming, overbuilt monstrosity has little on the stately brick Georgian Kevin Macallister called home. Le Grand Rêve—"The Big Dream"—has been more of a nightmare for the empty nesters that attempted to downsize, starting in 2009. The house, which reportedly cost as much at $40M to build, was initially listed for $32M, then over the next two years was chopped down to $23M without selling. Now, the owners are getting a little fed up with waiting and have decided to send the 27,000-square-foot palace to auction. The auction is scheduled for October 29, meaning the new owner could take possession just in time to throw a nightmarish Halloween party.
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