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Rumormongering: What the Heck is Happening With Lonny?

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Today WWD drops an epic bomb on the shelter industry: darling of the digital design pub world Lonny has stopped publishing after furloughing its whole staff. Apparently they're "looking for a cash infusion" and editor in chief Michelle Adam has an "exciting announcement" to make. Has the pretty PDF-powered magazine that seemingly rose above all copycats taken its last breath with the holiday issue?

The biggest guess about said "exciting announcement?" That Lonny has been sold—and all bets are to Meredith Corp., the publisher who just last year tapped Adams and editorial partner Patrick Cline to turn Traditional Home into the younger, hipper, digital-only Trad Home. While Traditional Home's Ann Maine continued on as editor in chief, it was Adams who became the face of the brand. Stay tuned as Curbed collects more intel.
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