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The Inner Workings of Scientology's New Super Power Building

Just when you thought the day was coming that Scientology wouldn't be accused of being a cult with filthy-rich celebrities and aspirations of world domination, they had to go and build a massive new Florida "mecca" called none other than the Super Power Building. When construction began back in 2007, a few renderings were leaked to the press to show what the final product would look like in its broad strokes. Now, the Village Voice has obtained a much larger cache of data on the yet-to-be-completed monstrosity, including floor plans, further renderings, and "detailed information down to the building's fasteners, fixtures, and signage." So far, the massive HQ has cost $145M to build, but, even after 13 years, is not quite ready to open. Head to the Village Voice for the full walk-through.
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