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HGTV Magazine's Second Issue; Foreclosure Stats

NATIONAL—The second test issue of HGTV Magazine hits stands Jan. 17; in it, a story about the family who lives in the pristine white house featured in the 1991 Steve Martin comedy Father of the Bride. Apparently tourists flock to the Pasadena, Calif., Colonial so much that the owner consciously tries to keep it looking sharp. “I feel guilty on trash day,” she says. [CurbedWire Inbox]

NATIONAL—According to new data released by RealityTrac, the 10 states faring the worst in terms of number of foreclosed properties are: Ohio, Utah, Delaware, Illinois, Georgia, Florida, Arizona, Michigan, California, and Nevada, where 1 in 177 homes is foreclosed. [Business Insider]

LONDON—UK architecture and urbanism nonprofit The Architecture Foundation is playing around with the way "sound is used to transform the physical environment, creating a temporary, invisible, yet penetrating architecture." The installation, entitled "Olduvai Theory," will take place for only one night: "on the day statistically noted to be the most depressing of the year, ‘Blue Monday.'" Oh, architecture and urbanism nonprofits. [The Architecture Foundation]