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"Billionaire's Row" Manse Still Costs $38M After Massive Chop

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The opulent mansions that line Broadway in San Francisco's Pacific Heights neighborhood are known collectively as "Billionaire's Row", in part because a few billionaires live there—Larry Ellison, for one—and in part because only a billionaire could really afford to buy one of these huge piles. Take 2901 Broadway. This house has been lingering on the market since 2006, in that time has had its price chopped by $17M, and still costs a bewildering $38M. Plus, this particular massive mansion is apparently in need of some extensive repairs and the interiors would need to be totally revamped to suit a contemporary lifestyle. As Curbed SF notes, "the buyer pool for these types of prestigious abodes is quite limited," but at least the current owner is modest enough to drive a vintage VW Beetle. Well that's when he or she isn't being ferried around by a chauffeur in a vintage Rolls.
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