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A Chance to Live Next Door to the GOP Presidential Candidates

It's not a job that everyone is going to want—remember when the Secret Service was crawling all over the Obama's neighborhood back in 2008?—but for the adventurous and politically-minded, here are six houses from the very possibly presidential neighborhoods tracked down by Zillow. We've already been over the $12.5M beachfront listing a few doors down from Mitt Romney's La Jolla, Calif. home, but the man's so rich that even his vacation house bear mention. Romney keeps a lake house in the summer resort town of Wolfboro, N.H. and the wood-and-stone structure is valued at close to $10M. This similarly-situated shingled house is also on Lake Winnipesaukee, but in the nearby town of Meredith, N.H., and is nearly a tenth the cost, $1.2M. Of course, this is a much more rustic form of living, but who could want much more in a lake house. It's got four acres, four bedrooms, two baths, and a casual, worn look that won't get the buyer accused of being too rich.

? By contrast to the modest New Hampshire lake house, this brick mansion in Great Falls, Va., is a study in extravagance and is located just a couple blocks from Rick Santorum's suburban D.C. digs. Listed for $2.7M, the 11,000-square-foot home boasts five bedrooms, eight baths, five acres, a pool, spa, sports court, billiards room, media room, playroom and gym. The master bedroom takes up an entire wing, just like in the White House.

? Also located just outside of D.C., in McLean, Va., this as-yet-unbuilt mansion lies just a block from Newt Gingrich's cul-de-sac home. Listed for $1.7M, the house will have six beds and six baths on a half acre once complete and should look vaguely similar to the house pictured (one strange marketing strategy).

? In D.C. proper, Jon Huntsman has kept a mansion in the Kalorama district during his career as an international civil servant. This place around the corner isn't nearly as large, but the price is drastically reduced too. Asking $2M, the townhouse was recently renovated and features six bedrooms, 5.5 bathrooms, and a charming, if cramped, backyard.

? Now, on to Texas, which two of the GOP candidates call home. Rick Perry is currently the governor of the Lone Star state, so he occupies the executive mansion, but during a renovation to his government accommodations, Perry and his family rented a house in Austin, down the road from this $1.4M estate. The listing lacks many pictures, but bargain hunters should be satisfied with a recent $100K price chop to this five bed, six bath, 6,100-square-foot manse.

? Ron Paul's modest house in Lake Jackson, Tex. literally backs up on this low-slung ranch, currently listed for $123K. That means not only is this the closest one could get to a potential vacation White House, but it's also the cheapest on our list. For that sum, the buyer receives three beds, two baths, but, sadly, no pool like the one in Paul's backyard.

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