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A Dome House That Wasn't Inspired by a Nuclear Plant

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This Caribbean dome house might look a little like a UFO, but, unlike a certain domed house in the California desert, this one was not inspired by the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station and it doesn't sit atop a volcano. What it does sit atop is a beautiful hillside on the Virgin Island of St. Croix, with breathtaking water views. Under that dome: five bedrooms and four baths spread over 4,600 square feet. Admittedly, the design is a little odd for the location, given that the main living space doesn't benefit much from the spectacular views, but, for $1.8M, this is at least a unique alternative to some Mediterranean-inspired mega-casa. And, as notes, the swimming pool and detached stone patio enjoy "full, unobstructed views of the Caribbean."
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