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Utterly Absurd Details About Hotelier Vikram Chatwal's Home

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Calling him "larger than life," today the Wall Street Journal
runs a feature on Vikram Chatwal's "grown-up SoHo bachelor pad" in NYC (where he hangs "[w]hen he's not vacationing on his yacht, partying with celebrities like Kim Kardashian or traveling between his so-hip-it-hurts hotels in Miami, Bangkok and India"). The hotelier bought the place for $6M in 2010 and poured another $2M into furnishing it, drawing upon the talents of Hilary Swank's decorator Mark Zeff to imbue a modern, white Gwathmey Siegel-designed box with a "turn-of-the-century feel." Let's step inside, shall we?

· Upstairs, there's a "wall of self-realization," where Chatwal keeps his framed press clippings "as well as photographs with him and his father with heads of state like Bill Clinton."

· There's a mirrored wall with built-in TVs inspired by the sleekness of Chatwal's "150-foot yacht, Fathom."

Photo: Dustin Aksland/WSJ

· Additionally, there are "[Neon red light bulbs in the shape of the word 'Vicious' in the sitting room."

· And a "large nude photo of a seductively posed Pamela Anderson." The aforementioned piece was shot by Sante D'Orazio.

· "Upstairs, a surfboard leans against the wall, with the word 'Gratitude' painted on it."

· About the Ross Bleckner piece upstairs: "Hanging near a wall-size frosted glass pivoting front door is a large painting comprised of rows of colored dots."

· A Globe-Trotter's New York Pad [WSJ]