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"One of the Safest Homes in the World" Still Awaits Buyer

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Panic rooms come in houses of all shapes and sizes—not to mention persuasions—which is why it's no surprise that this temple to architectural insanity, located in the Hollywood Hills, has one, too. The 7,700-square-foot home belongs to (and was built and designed by) Al V. Corbi, founder of security mega-firm SAFE, and his wife, former Crown Media CEO Lana Corbin. After first hitting the market for $9.995M in February 2009, the five-bedroom fortress was PriceChopped to $7.25M the following September, and is now listed for a lowly $5.9M. For the security obsessed, there are two panic rooms and two safe cores. And for those who could care less, there are 80 windows, a rooftop patio, and parking for 20 cars. The more the merrier?

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