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Inside Paris' Insanely, Utterly Bonkers "Tropical Greenhouse"

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Designed by the French firm ART'UR Architectes, Maison 14 wears its eco-friendliness on its sleeve: it was the first house in Paris to achieve 14 HQE (High Quality Environmental) standards, a mark that has become the benchmark for green building in the country. This "tropical greenhouse," as it's described in the brokerbabble, is also the tallest timber-framed building in the country, rising 18 meters (60 feet) high. All those stats are cool, sure, but it's really what's on the inside that counts: geothermal heating and cooling, a sleek, minimalist open floorplan and, of course, that trippy basement swimming pool ("lit by natural light cannons"). All this modernity (in the artsy 14th Arrondissement of the city's ultra-hip Left Bank, no less) is asking roughly $16.85M.

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