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Location, Location: Five Castles in Ridiculously Unlikely Places

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Sure, there are the expected smattering of castles in Eastern Europe, millennium-old ones in Tuscany, others still in the Swiss countryside. But what about turreted creations in more unusual places? Take the one above, located in the Bronx neighborhood of Riverdale. It's not often one gets to take the subway to a castle, but here, a hop, skip and a jump from the 1 train is one that was constructed in 1926 by an Italian shipbuilder. The place, which is asking $2.995M, has five bedrooms, 4.5 bathrooms, and original woodwork, not to mention a carpentry shop in the basement and a breakfast room located inside the turret. Fancy schmancy brunch places, take that!

? Lots of strange things about this stone creation: it was built in 1987, it's located in Chelan, Wash. (an inland town some three hours east of Seattle), and it's asking a modest $129K. Oh, and it's got two stories and one bedroom over a minuscule (and nearly incomprehensible) 111 square feet.

? The 15,000-square-foot Castle Rogue's Manor was built in 1985 by a couple who was positively obsessed with castles; nestled on 17 acres in Eureka Springs, Ark., the property has guard towers, a great hall, and a six-floor gatekeeper's cottage that has been rented out as an event space. It's listed for $1.8M.

? The Chicago suburbs aren't exactly what one conjures up when they think of castles, but lo', here's a compound in the town of Schaumburg that's asking $2M. Aside from the main house, there's a tree house, a six-car garage, and 3.25 acres of land. The whole kit and caboodle is named, rather uncreatively, "The Castle."

? The Connecticut shoreline, land of beached-out shingle-style Colonials that it is, isn't the most likely shoo-in for turreted architecture. Here's a deviation: a 7,000-square-foot castle on Cornfield Point in Old Saybrook. The property, which has four bedrooms, five bathrooms, and a long stretch of waterfront, is asking $2.75M.

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