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If Houses Were Web Applications, They Would Look Like This

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For everyone who's ever wondered what a house would look like if translated into web application design, finally, at long last there's an answer. NYC-based architect and "web product person" David Galbraith designed a clever little interpretation of the Case Study Houses, a series of residences commissioned by Art & Architecture magazine and designed by bold-faced names such as Neutra, Eames, and Saarinen from 1945 to 1966. "Web design is very linear, its all about flow and eliminating the niche, to get the bulk of people through a primary use case," writes Galbraith. "Many [a]rchitects tend to think of buildings as objects, the greatest ones, such as Frank Lloyd Wright, often thought about them as interconnected spaces but they focused on the spaces rather than the flow through them—this is analogous to looking at the stage set rather than the choreography." Fascinating stuff. He elaborates further on his blog; meanwhile, feast on the chart above.

· Use Case Study House 1 [David Galbraith via Crib Candy]